Camp Kitchen Leads Tell Us Tips

Big or small camps and villages as well as pre-build crew care teams can learn from three kitchen leads sharing their knowledge and experience to make it easier for us all to set up our own kitchens.  

If you have a camp that has a camp kitchen, if you are thinking about setting one up for the first time, if you cook at all on the playa, then this podcast might be for you.  How do the big camps do it?   What’s the best way to freeze things and can I have food delivered to camp on playa?  What about food and safety? All these questions and more are answered by Amber, Kat and Anthony who all have kitchen experience.  Share this podcast on your camp discussion groups! 

Podcast Avatar Photo with grilled cheese background. So cute!

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Playa Choir worksheet template for Crew Care Build and Strike Meals

Photograph taken of Amber by Stewart Smith

Intro music by Duckman on Soundcloud

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