What’s Justin Katz Up To Now? It’s Kindling!

What’s Justin Katz Up To Now?

Community Events, Kindling, Edwardians and Beyond

Justin Katz aka Paradox has golden fingers that have touched many Bay Area burners and we don’t even know it.  He gets things done and makes things happen. Sometimes he’s center stage and sometimes he’s behind the scenes.  He’s the founder of PARADOX Media and The Edwardian Ball, member of longtime Bay Area bands Rosin Coven and Dr. Abacus, and works for Burning Man Project as an Executive Producer and co-lead of the San Francisco Community Events Team. Thinking about how we were asking for collaboration, connection and experiences, something recently sparked and led to him taking on a leadership role in Burning Man’s new online portal for virtual and global events, Kindling. What is it, how do we use it and what is it going to do for us in 2020 and beyond?

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Photography by Devon Madson and Marco Sanchez

Introduction music by DJ Celeste of San Francisco

Justin Katz, AKA Paradox. Photographer, Devon Madsen

Professor Pickle Talks About Camp Envy

A virtual camp at Black Rock City since 2009

Super Suz and Professor Pickle explore Camp Envy, the “largest theme camp NOT on playa”. As the burner community shifts to a socially-distanced online experience this year, we are all now in Camp Envy. Since 2009, CE has been a welcome online home to burners who aren’t able to attend the annual gathering in Black Rock City. CE is populated by veteran burners and burner curious all looking for a way to connect and radically express themselves during the Burning Man webcast (#bmwebcast). 

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Intro music by Paul Knox on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 057  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

DJ Celeste Taps into Virtual Reality

DJ Celeste Lear, music producer and visual artist, first went to Burning Man in 1999. She has a deep love for art, music, community and rave culture. She brought her family to the playa, and a brought large-scale, metal sculpture for 9 years. She has performed there as a music producer & DJ. This last year, she has been exploring various disciplines in the high tech world of VR to continue to bring self expression as an artist and DJ to the digital playa and beyond.  

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Video footage of DJ Celeste building 3D stages in VR 

DJ Celeste at BURN2 Burnal Equinox, 2020

Photograph by Jeff Cable www.jeffcable.com

Now What Do We Do?

It’s April, 2020 and we just found out that Burning Man Black Rock City, 2020 is cancelled.  Now what do we do?  I invited Molly Freedenberg,  known as Molly Free on the Playa,  to chat about what she thinks this can mean for burners.  What does it mean for us burners- not only the burners who would have gone to BRC this year, but for burners all over the world?  What can we do for our close-by community?   It’s an International, Virtual Burn and it’s a Burn in Place that can make an impact.   Let’s see what we can make together!   Commentary by Tex Allen, past guest with his own podcast.

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BURN2 (mentioned)

Intro music by Masio of Mexico on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 068  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

Atticus Wolf from M0xy and Danny Beesley

Atticus Wolf from M0xy  and Danny Beesley

What can we do with creator spaces NOW during the Quarantine?


Atticus Wolf, owner of M0xy (spelled with a numerical zero for the “o”) in Oakland, invited Danny Beesley, founder of IDEA BUILDER Labs to talk shop.   Danny helps learning institutions develop their creative spaces.  Both have knowledge and experience over the years supporting artists and developing a maker space. M0xy just recently survived a fire!  Both are well suited to suggest how we move forward.  How do we help? How do we support the  artist-community maker/creator space owners who need our help now during our economic turmoil brought about with the quarantine and Shelter-in-Place for the Bay Area and beyond?

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M0xy’s website 

Article about M0xy

Fundraising for M0xy and M0xy some of M0xy’s fabrication


Danny Beesley on another podcast

Photographs  by Atticus Wolf

Intro music by Alkaline Podcast, Episode 65, Jason Esun of Wolfpack.


Meet Alpha, Our Black Rock City Map Designer

Meet Alpha!

Our Black Rock City Map Designer


Nicole Bloss, aka Alpha Pussy, has been designing for over 2 decades and burning since 2005. In 2016,  Alpha was offered the commission to design the participant maps when the opportunity opened up and has designed all of them since DaVinci’s Workshop. She has helped many artists design for their projects as well.  We hear her talk about her passion for design and creativity and how it plays an important part of our lives at Black Rock City and beyond.

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Alpha Pussy’s website

Article about Alpha from 2017

Photography by Nicole Bloss

Intro music by Dolbytall on Alkaline Podcast, Episode A058.  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.   




Burner Hacks with Melissa Kirk

Burner Hacks with Melissa Kirk

You’re doing it right, or at least trying!

Burner Hacks is a group on Facebook with over 23,000 members.   Melissa Kirk, the group’s originator and one of the admins, has made it into a “Troll-Free Zone” with all questions valid (mostly) and radical inclusion practiced (with the exception of unnecessarily mean people).  Find out how to make the best potty for your camp, the best swamp cooler and monkey hut. You can discuss ad-nauseum about the best way to stake down your tents. You’re doing it right at Burner Hacks, or you are at least trying! Note that if you are not a Facebook-type of person, you can find similar information on ePlaya Forum located on the Burning Man website.   

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Facebook Burner Hacks Group

Graphic Art by Melissa Kirk

Photography by Michael Fox, aka BlueFox, at the Shoot Me in The Dust Photo Studio, BRC

Intro music by J Key  on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 024  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

burner hacks2 (1)


Melissa rides the Bi-Polar Express

Simon of the “e” Playa

Simon of the “e” Playa

Burning on ePlaya since 2007

Simon Gold, aka Simon of the Playa, has been attending Burning Man since 1996.  Upholsterologist by day and ePlaya postershop by night, Simon has been bantering with the best burners since 2007 on ePlaya, the online forum for burners to post about all things Burning Man related and a little beyond.  Find plenty of open discussion there with a whole community of passionate posters. Simon talks about politics, social media and developing his voice there. At a time like this, your vote and your visual “voice” says a lot.  Simon says, “Use it”!  

simon of the playa2


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Graphic Art by Simon of the Playa

Intro music by Davey James  on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 013  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

The Mighty Zenith TV. The Show Where You are the Content

The Mighty Zenith TV Show

You are the Content

the mighty zenith (1)

Meet sTeVe Knauf,  of The Mighty Zenith.  It’s not just a big TV.  It’s a big TV set that drives around BRC and looks just like a 1974 Zenith TV console.   The 13 by 10 by 10 foot art car is a roving performance stage. When it’s at Black Rock City, the producers encourage everyone to join in on what may be a talk show one night, a game show another night, and a live stage in the daytime.  The producers have a motto that drives the show. It’s “You be the content”. Fantastic! Note that the end of the podcast is about 30 minutes talk about DIY plastics reuse on and off the playa.  

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Updates: The Mighty Zenith on Facebook

Archived: The Big TV website

Photographs by Julia Bowerbank

Intro Music by Black Velveteen of the Airpusher Collective on Alkaline Podcast Episode A061

The Fergusons Are Penniless in 2019

The Fergusons met on the playa and married  in 2012. Ever since, they have been developing their love of making playa art together and with their beloved friends.  The Fergusons are well known for their over-sized, penny-covered art sculptures and their earlier-years Heart of the City series of metal sculptures.  This year, the Fergusons are going penniless and Mrs Ferguson will tell you what they are currently producing for BRC, 2019.  It’s every bit as tactile as the pennies and the Fergusons still want you to go ahead and touch their art.  Where else can you go touch their art? Find out from this podcast.


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The Ferguson’s Website

Mr and Mrs. Ferguson’s Art on Facebook

More about Be or Not To Be

The story of Penny The Goose Video by Mrs. Ferguson

Burning Man Project video about their Las Fallas artist exchange, filmed by Mrs Ferguson

Photography by David Hill Photography

Artist Rendering by Mrs Ferguson The Fergusonsto be or not to be screen capture (1)