Setting Goals and Intentions for the New Year 2023

Ideas on how to gear up for a new year with Halcyon Styn and Mr. Arash Afshar

This was recorded live in January, 2023 on a live, Shouting Fire online  radio show.  Halcyon Styn is a social media pioneer who has been storytelling online for 20 years. His weekly podcast “Hug Nation” has been influential and motivational for thousands of listeners.  Mr. Arash produces the longest running burner podcast on Burner Podcast.  This is a conversation of interest to anyone who is beginning a plan to make changes in their lives, such as new year resolutions or big goals. Listen to gear up  your plans and move forward with good intentions.  

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Benjamin Langholz, Artist of Beam at BRC, 2022

Meet Benjamin Langholz, interactive sculpture artist, who brought Beam to Black Rock City, 2022. Made of steam I Beams, the art installation called Beam spanned 150 feet long and was meant to be walked from start to point and then down to the other end while walking across its 14 inch-wide girth. Benjamin talks about his past art installations including Stone 27 that came out in 2019 and  Stone 40 that was part of a Burning Man curated exhibit at Chatsworth House in England, 2022. Learn good information for anyone thinking of bringing out an art installation to BRC or a Regional.  

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Benjamin’s Instagram

Benjamin’s website

Shibari Sanctuary

Caveat Magister’s article mentioned in the intro


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Meet Black Rock Philharmonic Conductor, Maestro Eric

The Black Rock Philharmonic is a group of professional and amateur musicians from different camps that performs classical music for the ever-growing Burning Man community.  Meet Eric, or Dr. FireTuba, conductor and organizer, who talks about their beginnings, their 2022 concert music program on the Playa, some wonderful shoutouts to other acoustic groups in the desert, and great stories.  From the dust, supported by dozens of musicians from all over Black Rock and the organization team of Erin, Roger, and Alyce, an orchestra is formed.  How do they pull off performing such amazing music with limited practice together?  Find out how and more on this podcast. Tell all your friends to check out the variety of amazing burner guests at Burner and  

From the Black Rock Philharmonic Facebook Post. Thank you, Photographer!

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Black Rock Philharmonic on Facebook

Black Rock Philharmonic website with lots of videos to watch

The Folly Builders Paradisium

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Camp Kitchen Leads Tell Us Tips

Big or small camps and villages as well as pre-build crew care teams can learn from three kitchen leads sharing their knowledge and experience to make it easier for us all to set up our own kitchens.  

If you have a camp that has a camp kitchen, if you are thinking about setting one up for the first time, if you cook at all on the playa, then this podcast might be for you.  How do the big camps do it?   What’s the best way to freeze things and can I have food delivered to camp on playa?  What about food and safety? All these questions and more are answered by Amber, Kat and Anthony who all have kitchen experience.  Share this podcast on your camp discussion groups! 

Podcast Avatar Photo with grilled cheese background. So cute!

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Facebook Group talked about in this podcast

Approved Vendors on the Burning Man Website

BRC Chomp Guide– add your food camp gifting there!  Per owner, the guide will be posted to social media when ready, probably early August.  All entries receive an email with link. .

River rafting podcast on food packing for a river run

Amber’s favorite playlist to watch while working on camp kitchen, pre-Playa

Burning Man’s Camp Resource Guide, including Food and Food Safety

Burning Man’s information on gifting food and the permits needed

Burning Man Food Guidance from the government agency


Playa Choir Group on Facebook

Pink Heart

Template used to stay organized and gifted to other camps

Playa Choir worksheet template for Crew Care Build and Strike Meals

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Dave Keane talks about Paradisium, 2022

Last time Suz and Dave Keane talked, he and his crew were making The Folly in 2019 and Dave was lead builder of Temple, 2018.  Most recently, his crew is ready for their next big-art build called Paradisium, aka the Folly Forest.  We hear from crew member Paul Franke.  With 20-26 iconic trees making up a forest at Black Rock City in 2022, it’s meant to lose us in the art as we find all nooks and crannies and climb some of the trees in the forest.  The buzz about!  Learn about where it’s built, what is needed and how to help.  Even if you are not going to Burning Man this year, there’s plenty of fun volunteering for this art build currently in Oakland, California. The lovely Veronica, Folly Builders Project Manager, popped in at the end and introduced herself.  

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The Folly Builders website with info on how to donate and volunteer

Folly Builders Facebook page

Dave Keane talking about The Folly  at a Burning Man symposium in 2019

The Folly Build on Into The Fire podcast posted in 2019

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Photos taken by Dave Keane

Into The Fire and Burner Podcast are  not affiliated with the Burning Man Organization.  It’s just a podcast. 

Burner Podcast · Into The Fire: Dave Keane talks about Paradisium, 2022

Everywhen Project, 2022

What happens when a collection of Black Rock Juplaya camps decide to fund art by getting permits and selling tickets?  

Meet the board of Everywhen Project, 2022 is working towards a week-long event at Black Rock Desert, 2022.  With over 2.5K members of their FB group, interest is growing and they are just getting started.  The board and the event grew out of camps regularly attending Juplaya at Black Rock Desert in Nevada.  With a passion for art, they developed a non-profit and a plan to obtain a permit for a ticketed event where a lot of the proceeds go to fund artists and their projects.  What is it like to get a larger event with permits, infrastructure, environmental stewardship and other important parts of a large, ticketed event.   Learn about how they are funding as much art as possible. 


Burner Podcast · Into The Fire: Everywhen Project, 2022

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Official website:

Find their Facebook Group here

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Temple Builders Guild, 2022

Tree Jay Lee talks about the new Temple Builders Guild

Meet Tree Jay Lee from The Temple Builders Guild.  It’s a new group of temple builders who got together and figured out a way to handle temple build tools and to keep a collection of tools for the next temple build.  This involves transportation and even Airstream made into a kitchen that is ready to deploy meals to a large build crew for years to come.  It’s the start of what is infrastructure that is passed down from year to year.  Their mission is to make temple builds as well as  municipal, community art projects,  easier for the artist(s) and teams who build them by equipping them with the necessary equipment while reducing waste and increasing efficiency. If they can do it, so can your team.  Learn from them and save your collected legacy for the next crew!  

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Temple Builders Guild website

Photograph of Tree Jay Lee by Mathew Gilbuena

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Tree Jay Lee on Playa

2018 Podcast: Meet Miss McCrafty!

My apologies! I recently was looking for this podcast on my website only to discover that it ended up being published on the net at all the usual places but not included as a post on my podcast website when it was published in June of 2018. Well, Ace Maker Space is still alive and is going well! I don’t want anyone to miss it so here it is, just a little bit late. And there is much to learn from our conversation. Again, my bad, Rachel.

Intro: Meet Ms. McCrafty aka Crafty aka Rachel Sadd! She talks to us about Ace Monster Toys makerspace, a non profit space dedicated towards education, hacking, and maker culture. We burners love to make things. Rachel shares her techniques on how to build community space within a makerspace and more recently with her work at Maker Faire, Bay Area, 2018 as their Week of Learning programming lead. Most of her great ideas can be transferable to burner communities. If you have a build crew or want to put on workshops for your area, listen and learn. She’s great!

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Photograph by Rachel Sadd Intro music by  DINK! Found on Alkaline Podcast, episode number A037.

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Caveat Magister Talks about Turning Your Life Into Art, Lessons in Psychomagic from the San Francisco Underground

Super Suz talks with Caveat Magister, Burning Man’s philosopher laureate. He’s the author of The Scene That Became Cities: what Burning Man philosophy can teach us about building better communities, and Turn Your Life Into Art: lessons in Psychomagic from the San Francisco Underground. His newest book is a synthesis of the San Francisco underground art scene and explains how they create highly personal and potentially transformative, designed experiences for participants. Corporations are trying to do this too with marketing and branding, however, Caveat explains why it’s rag-tag artists who have the most potential for psychomagic.   

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Burning Man’s webpage for the Philosophical Center

My favorite video on Caveat’s Youtube Channel

Photograph of Caveat by Tex Allen

Book cover image: “Connections” by Oxana Belka, 2019 with the photo by  Ales Prikryl aka DustToAshes

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Renegade Burn, 2021:  All About the Art Car

Renegade Burn, 2021 – All About the Art Car

Some have said that 2021, besides being a virtual burn year, was all about the art cars.  That’s debatable, I know.  Instead of debating, we hear from two art car owners who called in to one of my Tuesday night shows on Shouting Fire online radio.  We talked about their experience at the Renegade Burn with their art cars.  This recording was made on August 28th, 2021.  I played some recorded mutant vehicle DJ sets, then we hear from Scotty, the  owner of the  AntiDysentery Art Car.  I played some more music and then we hear from Dustin, the owner of Shelly the Crab Art Car.  Both talk about their cars and what it was like to drive it around the playa in 2021 during the Black Rock Desert Renegade Burn.  

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Shelly the Crab Art Car

Anti Dysentery Art Car

Burning Man Intellectual Property article

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