East Bay Burners Social Presents – All the Playa’s Your Stage

All the Playa’s Your Stage: The Musicians
Friday, 15 April 2016, American Steel Studios at Love Potion Collective and produced by Scott McNeil

As a part of East Bay Burner’s Friday Night Socials Speaker Series of 2016, a variety of musicians were invited to talk about what happens when musicians bring their talents to the playa. Well, You wouldn’t believe the things that happen when you bring a musical instrument to the desert. It can completely change your whole Burn! The month of April’s Social featured aural artists who will regale us with both sound and vision…plus some musical surprises!

From members of a Burning Man symphony orchestra to a bawdy jazz singer, we’ll have a potpourri of genres and sagas that you wont want to miss!

Featured speakers/performers:

* Burning Man Orphan Band

* Playa Choir

* Meghan Rutigliano: MegaFlame Big Band and Cabaret, Megs and the
Bootleggers, et al.

* Playa Pops Symphony

* Gamelan X


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