East Bay Burners Socials Presents – Black Rock City! No Spectators!


East Bay Burner Social Black Rock City: No Spectators

Friday, 17 June, 7:00pm – 10:00pm, at Love Potion Collective within American Steel Studios in Oakland, California. Produced by Scott McNeil.

Have you ever thought about working for Black Rock City? Thousands of people just like you get together every Burn to join everything from Fire Arts Safety to the Department of Mutant Vehicles.

For the June, 2016, East Bay Burners Social we have complied representatives from several Burning Man departments talk about their playa services. We’ve included the links to each of the volunteer pages. If you would like to volunteer, fill out your burner profile on Burning Man’s website. In the process, you can inform BRC departments that you are interested. No spectators! Be a part the making of BRC by participating!

Love Potion Collective www.lovepotioncollective.org/ is at American Steel Studios americansteelstudios.com in Oakland, California
The Gate 510 in San Leandro, CA: thegate510.com

Wheels on Meals Team feeds about 700 artists a year. Email them at brcwheelsonmeals@gmail.com.
Stair Ramp To Heaven is a new project to build access ramps for wheelchairs to get on to art cars. Contact Meals on Wheels team member and founder, Lysa J. M. (aka Dazzle) at the same Wheels on Meals email address.

The Presenting B.R.C. Departments

1. Placement
This department is actively looking for volunteers. Fill in your burner profile and email Kristen B. at answergirl@burningman.org . Additional Information can be found here

2. Art Support Services is actively looking for volunteers! Contact ass_volunteers@burningman.org after filling out your burner profile.

3. DMV

4. Fire Arts Safety
There’s a new volunteer group starting up this year and it’s all about the burns! If that’s your favorite part, then why not consider volunteering for Burn Perimeter Support Group. Find out more here: burningman.org/event/volunteerin…s/burn-perimeter/

5. Playa Restoration

6. Gate, Perimeter and Exodus


8. Black Rock City Emergency Services Department

All the B.R.C. Departments that need volunteers:

Background music by DUCKMAN – Going somewhere

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