Catacomb of Veils

Catacomb of Veils is an art build going to the playa, 2016.  In fact, they are on the playa now and getting ready to build it.    It’s August 8th, 2016 and it’s build season.   Soon, burners attending da Vinci’s Workshop will get an opportunity to see it.   Get a rich understanding of the art and the development of this large art build by listening to Dan Sullivan, Lead Architect and Visionary, share about his spectacular-sized playa installation.  Hopper and Crowe, Construction Leads, share their inviting ways that worked so well to attract volunteers. Hear from volunteers too!  Downloadable and streamable.  Enjoy!


From the Indigogo, a great description:

Catacomb rises like a rocky outcropping off the desert floor, and as the dust swirls up and around, it evokes Black Rock Point itself.  It is a ruin of a previous society– a remnant of our collective search for moments of quiet, introspection and reflection. It is a journey of discovery and a descent into a subterranean world.

You hear from

Dan Sullivan, Architect

Hopper and Crowe, Construction Leads

Woof and Selina, and Swan, Volunteers

Indigogo Campaign currently collecting donations.


Background music by DUCKMAN – Going somewhere

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