The Icarus Art Car is “ a moving sculpture, a roaming art gallery and music stage all in one massive vehicle. Think Firefly, Elysium and Alien meets Studio 54”.  Take a 25,000 lb cargo loader with a 350 Horsepower diesel engine and design it into what looks like a junkyard space ship.  How do you do that?  With really great concept skills that  persuaded a collection of volunteers. Eventually, that developed into a  community.  This decked-out cargo loader with eight big-truck tires lifts burners up to 14 feet so they can watch the man burn with a great view.  But it’s more than that.  The build site is the community clubhouse, there’s tons of events to bring people together.  This monstrosity has developed more challenge headaches and more character than either Ilya Polyakov or Brandon Robinson, two of the four producers of this art car, could ever have imagined. Listen to their story.

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