The Monaco, Land Frigate of Burning Man


This photo by Jonathan Goody.  Left to right: Beth,  Greg, and Marcus in camp


The Monaco is an art car that sails across the playa at Burning Man when the wind is just right.  It takes a team of burners to hoist the sails and set sail for a dust storm.  Meet Beth and Captain Greg, two old timers who have helped to bring sailing skills to Black Rock City.  She is approximately 45 feet long and holds more than 40 passengers. She’s got 3 masts!  If you’ve been on an art tour, you might have been on The Monaco. It services the art tours and provides field trips for the kids of Kidsviille and the Black Rock Scouts.  This art car, like so many others, is a piece of history and art.  Listen to Beth and Greg tell us about how it all happened and what it takes to run the crew of the Monaco.

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Main photo by Joe Azure

Music by Duckman

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