The Vortex of Destiny, an amazing trip at Destiny Lounch 3D Camp


Vortex of Dest cover (1)

When theme camps in the streets of Black Rock City put their heart and soul into making a great space for hang-outs, performances, offerings and the like, all the residents are better for it.  Meet Dave and Debi from Destiny Lounge 3D Camp where you can find the totally trippy Vortex of Destiny, Rock Yer Balls game and Free Blow Jobs during the day.  If we are lucky, Destiny Lounge 3D may be where we can find the Oracle.  If you are a fan of neon, if you need a break from the dust, then find them, come on in to their beautiful, happy place at the amazing Destiny Lounge.  There’s even neon carpet with koi fish!

Websites associated with this podcast:

Destiny Lounge 3D fb group

The Oracle at Burning Man


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