Camp Gallavant and the USS Nevada


Camp Gallavant and the USS Nevada


Ahoy to the pirates of the Playa!  Join Vice Admiral Morgan of the USS Nevada mutant vehicle and member of Camp Gallavant talk about the duties of maintaining and operating one of the oldest pirate ships in BRC.  Listen to Genesis, daughter of Admiral Steve, share her camp pride.  Bar Mistress, Josie, talks shop about how she has successfully set up Camp Gallavant’s bar.  This is a long-time camp (since 2001) so they must be doing a few things right.  They’re still going strong with well over 125 campers each year. They invite you to visit them and enjoy all the interactivity & hospitality offered at Camp Gallavant.  Hop on and take a ride!

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Photographraphy by Andrew Wyatt

Links associated with this podcast

Camp Gallavant’s website (when it’s fixed)

Camp Gallavant’s facebook page

Camp Gallavant sea shanty

This was recorded in July, 2017 at a weekend campout called Mistafer’s Midsummer Magic.  


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