The Flower Tower at Black Rock City

Designer, Builder and Artist, Kevin Clark from Reared In Steel, has created amazing art projects for Burning Man, including the Rhino Redemption art car, Medusa Madness for Carnival of Mirrors 2015 and brought back for Da Vinci’s Workshop 2016. He also created Guardiano Leon for Da Vinci’s Workshop 2016, and Flower Tower at Radical Ritual, 2107. The Flower Tower is an 80 foot tall metal structure ornately decorated by thousands of painted metal flowers, some of which blew fire. His partner, Michelle Ramatici, oins us. Our conversation includes what it is like to bring out large, metal art sculptures to Black Rock City and how they engaged their local communities to help create their art. Photographraphy by Yi Yang

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

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Flower Tower 2

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