Atticus Wolf from M0xy and Danny Beesley

Atticus Wolf from M0xy  and Danny Beesley

What can we do with creator spaces NOW during the Quarantine?


Atticus Wolf, owner of M0xy (spelled with a numerical zero for the “o”) in Oakland, invited Danny Beesley, founder of IDEA BUILDER Labs to talk shop.   Danny helps learning institutions develop their creative spaces.  Both have knowledge and experience over the years supporting artists and developing a maker space. M0xy just recently survived a fire!  Both are well suited to suggest how we move forward.  How do we help? How do we support the  artist-community maker/creator space owners who need our help now during our economic turmoil brought about with the quarantine and Shelter-in-Place for the Bay Area and beyond?

Links associated to this podcast:

M0xy’s website 

Article about M0xy

Fundraising for M0xy and M0xy some of M0xy’s fabrication


Danny Beesley on another podcast

Photographs  by Atticus Wolf

Intro music by Alkaline Podcast, Episode 65, Jason Esun of Wolfpack.


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