Talk to God Project at Black Rock City

Talk to God Phone Booth is an art installation that started at Black Rock City, in 2002.  You may have seen the booth on the Esplanade. Is it fate and destiny that operates the telephone booth?   Miles Eastman who now oversees the project thinks it’s both.  He’s taken the project to various places outside of BRC, shared it with different camps in BRC,  and recently updated the look of the telephone booths. Miles also shares his heartwarming story about his mother who went to BRC once before her passing. Miles is donating her white picket fence to a camp so she’ll get to go back in her own special way.

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Photography by Super Suz and Mies Eastman

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Our Temple for 2019- The Temple of Direction

For many burners, going to the temple at BRC to honor their ancestors is one of the  most important traditions of Burning Man. Meet several people, including the lead architect and designer, Geordie Van Der Bosch, who are a part of the temple build.  With an elegant, open design, Geordie and his team will give us four entrances and lots of enclosed space. The temple will collaborate with at least four art / design groups to bring in lanterns, light and even seating to the temple.   Hear Geordie  and three members of his build crew, Michelle Leigh, 10-year-old Quinton, and Sorin Kim, who talk about how they are involved and  how you can get involved too.

Photography by Leori Gill Photography,  Art renderings by Georgie Van Der Bosch

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Fundraiser for Temple of Direction

Website and where to donate from there

Temple of Direction on Facebook

Temple of Direction on Instagram

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temple of direction3

Temple of Direction weekend volunteer build 4/7/19.  Photography by  Leori Gill

C:UsersGeordieDesktopVn.1TEMPLE 4TEMPLE_4.pdf

Temple of Direction Tunnel Entrance.  Rendering by  Geordie Van Der Bosch

Gwen and Josh, Partners in Art


Gwen and Josh met at The Generator in Reno, NV and soon after identified as partners in art. They are two of three artists that were granted Honorariums in the state of Nevada for 2019.  They sat down to talk to about their art inspiration, philosophy and even about art and money. Both artists are bringing their art out to Black Rock City this year. After listening to this podcast, when you see their art at BRC, now you’ll know about the artists and their inspiration.   

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The Hairy Potter’s website

Gwen and Josh Artist Partners Facebook page

Campaign Funding for Josh Vaile’s art installation at BRC, 2019

Quality of Life Facebook page

Photography and art renderings by Josh Vaile

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Gwen and Josh BRC 2019 4




The Inner Sun Project at Black Rock City, 2019

Mary Poppins has the World in His Hand

Nathan Altman lead the Temple Build in 2015.  In 2016, he managed Black Rock City Dept of Public Works / DPW.   In 2017, he was the lead for Man Build. In 2018, he ran for U.S. Senator of Illinois.  In 2019, is bringing out The Inner Sun Project to Black Rock City and it’s one of the larger projects on the Playa this year.  Nathan, aka Mary Poppins, wants your hand in the project. Literally. He hopes to have over 100k metal hands on the walls of this 100-foot art project and he tells you how to get involved in this podcast. Mary Poppins and his team are preparing to open-source all of their project management planning documents as templates for others to use with their art projects.  At the end, hear how you can help share your feedback to on the BLM’s Environmental Impact Statement which is in draft form and open for public feedback with a deadline of April 29, 2019.

Inner sun project2

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Inner Sun Project on Facebook

Inner Sun Project

Nathan Altman’s website

Photography by M. Fox

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David Normal Brings Cathenge to Black Rock City, 2019

Burning Man Artist, David Normal talks about Cathenge

and other things

David Normal started out going to Burning Man in 1994.  Back then, he was attracted to Burning Man because of the participatory and alternative culture.  He’s still around! This year, he is bringing Cathenge. Think of it like a Cat Temple with tall elegant, mystical cat statues he calls “Catoliths” that make up a temple of love energy.  David talks about how you can participate. He also talks about the development of his art in his earlier years including involvement in the punk rock and performance-art scenes in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Cathenge on Facebook

Photography and art renderings by David Normal

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david normal2

Aaron Taylor Kuffner Talks About his Gamelatrons

Gamelatrons are sound producing kinetic sculptures by artist and composer Aaron Taylor Kuffner.  You may have seen and heard them. Aaron brought out several gamelatron projects to Black Rock City. Gamelatrons have  been inside the Man base, the temple, and Aaron has used his gamelatrons to make beautiful, peaceful sanctuary spaces at his camp. Made of hand forged bronze gongs that are played by mechanical mallets, gamelatrons create calming and harmonious sounds.   If you have ever heard a gamelatron, now you can meet the artist on this podcast.

Photographs compliments of Gamelatron website photographers

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The Man Base Gamelatron website

The sounds of Gamelatrons on Soundcloud

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Gamelatron 3



Tex Allen is STILL Hugging America now with Church of Hugs


Tex Allen is STILL Hugging America now with Church of Hugs

tex allen hugs again2.png

Super Suz spoke with Tex Allen back in 2017 when he was preparing to embark on a campaign to Hug America.  We are checking in with him on how he has mission has stayed the course and yet has transformed over time. You are invited to answer the altar call of the First Church of Hugs.  Hugallujah! Also included – a great story about the most awesome sweater in the world.

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Hug America Page on Facebook

Hugging America fb Group

Awesome Sweater Page on fb


Photographs and Graphics courtesy of Tex Allen

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Rootpile Brings Bluegrass to Black Rock City

Meet Fixxer and Radar from Rootpile. They are two of the camp’s leads and talk about Rootpile as a camp,  a mutant vehicle and the home of Black Rock Bluegrass music from the south. At Rootpile, find acoustic music jams, a bluegrass museum, a mullet barbershop and musician workshops.  Wow, this camp is one to to check out next time you are at BRC. For now, check it out right here on this podcast.

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Radar and Fixxer, Photographer:  Elinor Fukuda

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Rootpile on Facebook

Rootpile Website

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rootpile cover2

Photography by Arno Gordal

Into The Fire page on Facebook where you can get more podcasts from Super Suz

The Mind and Machines of Henry Chang

Meet Henry Chang who makes amazing mutant vehicles made of curved stainless steel. His Valyrian Steel car is 27 feet long, weighs 3 tons and is topped by a kinetic collection of spinning wheels.  Henry talks about his merging art with engineering and his home on the playa, Mirage Garage Camp. Catch his philosophy of art throughout the discussion that takes you on a little ride through Henry’s  mind.

henry chang2

Mueller (large) 1.5 megs

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Henry Chang website

Soul in the Machine Facebook

Video of Soul in the Machine

Mirage Garage Camp

Mutant Vehicle Owners Facebook Group

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Art Car photos by Peter Rupecht

Photo of Henry Chang by Laura Hansen

Bureau of Erotic Discourse

Get in B.E.D. with

Bureau of Erotic Discourse

From Black Rock City and Beyond

Bureau of Erotic Consent2


Photo by Donna Rae

Meet Ascher, volunteer at  B.E.D. Bureau of Erotic Discourse. It’s a group of volunteers that provide information about consent and other sexual health information so that you can get your sexy on and do it with mutual consent at Burning Man and beyond.  B.E.D. passes on the message that consent is sexy and FUN-da-mental. What does that mean? Find out on this podcast.Links associated to this podcast

B.E.D Facebook


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