Jimmy Descant and His Amalgamated Debris Assemblage Guild


Jimmy Descant, a “severe reconstructionist” artist from Salida, Colorado, brought out his Amalgamated Debris Assemblage Guild to The Man in 2016.  As a part of the da Vinci’s Workshop Guilds, his team of seven helped him bring his signature art style to the playa.  Jimmy decided to take his art style with him to the playa when he went to Black Rock City for his first time.  Supported by his good burner  friends who encouraged him to apply for an art grant, Jimmy received a 20-by-20-foot booth, an opportunity for seven early arrival tickets and the grant.  HIs booth was located in the  square piazza surrounding da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” along with 28 guilds from around the world.  HIs truck was full of pieces of “finds” from all over the street corners, back alleys and yard sales that he scrounged and scraped up over the years.  The team transported about 1,000 pounds material pieces,  tools and hardware and invited burners to create assemblage art “from the detritus of American society.”  He his Red Cobra, a signature art piece that he had made as a mascot sat in the center of the booth and watched over the making of about 350 pieces of art made over four days.  His years of community art experience helped him prepare well for his first playa experience.  When he returned back to Salida, he came back with half of his truck and a renewed thinking about art and community.  


Photo credits:  Man with trophy by Paprika and Men of ADA Guild by Chris S.  

People in Picture: Jimmy Descant, Chris Seaton, James Brown, Gary Kneeskern.Not shown and part of the team, Shannon and Penelope

Amalgamated Debris Assemblage Guild: https://goo.gl/WYvSZ4
Facebook:  https://goo.gl/hj6T6V
Jimmy Descant website: http://www.deluxerocketships.com/
Colorado has two Burning Man local Regionals.  Here’s a link to one of them.
Denver Colorado BM Regional: https://goo.gl/JOJSPO
Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

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