Clovis Buford from Central Texas

Clovis Buford and Central Texas Regional


Sit down and have a chat with Clovis Buford from Texas!  He is one of the(3) Regional Contacts for Central Texas, a regional of Burning Man who helps to make Flipside happen.  Every year in May, Memorial Day weekend burners from Texas and all over come together to Apache Pastures for an amazing burn that lasts (5 days).  Just like Burning Man, Everything about Flipside is created by burners- from the annual theme, the ticket, the infrastructure, art, performance, fire and community.  How do burners from outside of Black Rock City make a regional event?  How did Flipside develop over the years?  Listen to Clovis and find out here.  


Central Texas Regional Page:

Central Texas on Facebook:

Community web page:

Flipside on Youtube:

Mentioned was Danger Ranger’s 2001 Roadtrip website:

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Photo credit: Ira Weinschel Photography


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