Party Fire Safety Video


Party Fire Safety Video

This podcast is a chat and interview with the director of Party Fire Safety Video, a video that was created in three days after the wake of the Oakland Ghost Ship fire.  Michael Morgenstern, film director and social activist, talks about his experience in making the film as well as talks about his perspective of promotion.    

Website Associated with this podcast for Party Fire Safety Video

Find Party Fire Safety video here:

And on Facebook here

Director/Producer: Michael Morgenstern and his Nametag Day website:

Burning Man’s post to the burner community

Saferspaces website is a collection of resources available on the internet.  Send your information and contributions to their email address.  

This is a good read by April Jones about the difficulities of obtaining city permits for events: 

Thanks to Sharma Hendel and other members of the Regional Contacts team for East Bay Burners Regional, for making this list of online fundraiser campaigns.  If you wish to make a Financial Donation – there are several online fundraisers.

Go Fund Me

Gray Area’s fundraising page 

Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders joint fundraising effort

Because this tragedy has affected the community deeply, Sharma also included this list.  If you or someone you know is in need of emotional support, there are many resources to contact.  Here’s a few:

– Alameda County Crisis Support Services 1-800-309-2131

– SF Suicide Prevention (415) 781-0500

– National Suicide Prevention Lifeline online chat and phone 1-800-273-8255

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