Art on Tour with Abram Santa Cruz

abram-santa-cruz-art-touringAbram Santa Cruz from L.A. talks about taking his playa art on an art tour

Lots of artists and collectives tour their art after it returns from Burning Man.  Abram Santa Cruz is a designer and artist from Los Angeles.  He has been making playa art for several years now.  His most recent art, The Electric Dandelions,  are three 23-27 feet tall dandelion sculptures that look beautifully natural by day and light up like fireworks at night.  The dandelions are sound reactive and have an app to control their colors.  Abram sits down with us to talk about touring his interactive, large art projects at various arts and music festivals, including the Reno Playa Art Park, a temporary art park in Reno scheduled to be up for at least six months starting in November.  

Websites associated with this podcast
Reno Playa Art Park
Liquid PXL facebook page
Liquid PXL website
Reno Art Park podcast featuring Maria Partridge
Photo credit: Christine Rosakranse.  Additional photos here
Music by Duckman on Soundcloud


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