Inside the Mind of Mischell Phoenix Riley

You may have found Mischell Phoenix Riley’s large sculpture called Inside the Mind of Da Vinci last year.  She’s back with another another amazing walk-in art sculpture called Maya’s Mind.  It’s about 11 foot tall and made of bronze.  The bust of Maya Angelou will inspire so many people just as she has inspired the artist, Phoenix, and will be the first of her series of sculpted, historical women.  She will be our beacon to remind us to go for our dreams despite our defeats.  Join the artist as she talks about her development as an artist, her inspirations she brings us, and her plans to continue to bring art to Black Rock City in the future.

Links associated to this podcast:

Facebook  Page for Maya’s Mind

Mischell’s Website  

Inside The Mind of Da Vinci

Mischell Riley3

Photo by Scott Kline

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Mayas Mind

 Photo by Eleanor Preger

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