Tex Allen is Hugging America!

Tex Allen is a long-time burner who has gifted thousands of burner hugs on the playa and beyond.  Maybe you’ve seen or felt that meaningful hug on the playa that becomes a big part of what burners have described as their transformative experience.  Tex has campaigned using a simple red nose for over 7 years and has shared how his daily  intention of being acutely aware of presence has opened him to “magical”, synchronistic experiences daily.  Now he’s taking another step forward and inviting you to Hug America with him.  We know the power of hugs.  You are invited to join Tex’s Hug America Campaign to spread the love beyond Black Rock City.


Graphic art by Tex Allen

Links Associated to this podcast:

Hug America Page on fb

Hugging America fb Group

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

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