Kino Pālua


Bay Area artist, Kahai Sumida-Tate, is bringing out to BRC another amazing large-scale build called Kino Pālua.  

mug shot

She brought Pa’hao’aho – The Volcano to the playa in 2014 and her transformative journey continues within Kino Pālua.  I sat down with some of the build crew at a downtown Oakland cafe early in the build season.  We chatted before they had their planning meeting. This time around, Kahai brings us two 16′ x 24′ temporary, wooden structures that were meant to embrace the participant within the center of each structure.   Kino Pālua will welcome you to become at one and interact with the ‘ahi’ structure or the  ‘wai ‘ side of her sculpture.  Within the ‘ahi’ side, feel the heat and hear the roar of the 6 propane poofers as you let it all go. Inside wai on the opposite side, you will  be soothed by the calming and embracing experience of from water.  

Also in the conversation, Architects David Gastaneta and Dan Swain and fundraising Lead, Georgina McLachla.  Al Stahler is the Flame and Pyrotechnics guru.

Links associated to the podcast:   Kino Pālua and the   Indigogo Campaign

Graphic renderings by David Gastaneta, photo by Joel Miliken and music by Duckman on Soundcloud.

Kino Pālua



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