Aaron Chocolate Woods, Volunteering for The Man at Black Rock City and Beyond

Aaron “Chocolate” Woods has volunteered for Burning Man in so many ways, we cannot fit it here.  From temple crews, to rangers, to the Burning Man Special Events Team in San Francisco Aaron shares about how he got started and what he gets out of volunteering for Burning Man.  He has suggestions and tips for those thinking of being more of a participant.  For those who already volunteer, he shares his suggestions to get the most out of the volunteer experience.

Links associated with this podcast:

Burning Man’s Volunteer Teams link

Volunteer Survival Guide

Black Rocky City, No Spectators!

Volunteering tips for first timers

Temple, 2017 Facebook page

Photograph by Leori Gill,  Selfie by Aaron Woods

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Aaron Woods by Leori Gill

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