Wings of Eos at Radical Ritual, 2017


The Wings of Eos will stand as a shrine surrounding the Man Base at BRC, 2017.  Laser-cut wooden handprint “feathers” representing four generations of the artist’s matrilineal line and individually decorated by hundreds of burners comprise the Wings. Named for Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn and new beginnings, this shrine pays homage to the many people whose outstretched hands helped the artist, Roxane “Bounce” Williams, toward a new beginning. Roxane spends time talking with us about the meaning of this piece, how it has helped her to continue her personal transformation, and how she hopes that this hands-on art will inspire others.


Links associated with this podcast  

Photographraphy by Roxane Willaims

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Wings of Eos

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