Dazzle! Brings it to BRC

Meet Dazzle!, a 14 year burner who has been bringing you BRC Wheels on Meals for the last 7 years to feed the art build crews of Black Rock City during build week armed with a microwave on a flat-bed trailer and a spork.  Her recent project, Stair Ramps to Heaven, is expanding and she’ll tell you how you can help make  ramps to help mobility challenged burners get on art cars.  Lastly, she’ll talk to us about a new game for the playa that will have you spinning in circles trying to get you and your camp mates out of camp and finally on to the playa.  It’s non-stop action with Dazzle! She’s great at figuring out how to bring her projects out to the playa.  

Dazzle Brings It.png


Photograph by Dazzle and Friends

Music by CRASSXAVIER from Session A038 on Alkaline Podcast found at burnerpodcast.comt

Links associated with this podcast

BRC Wheels on Meals fb page

Camp Go Nowhere- Circle of Necessities fb page

Stair Ramp to Heaven Fundraiser Page

Dazzle’s email: lysajoy@gmail.com

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