David Hill talks with Photographer, Leori Gill

Guest Host, David Hill, talks with Leori Gill about photography

David Hill is back with more Burning Man photography talk.  This time, we talk with photographer, Leori Gill.  She started with black and white film back in 1996.  Recently, she has been  photographing large art projects the start to right down to the finished burn on the playa.    You may have even seen her photograph on one of Burning Man’s Thank You cards.  Or, maybe you had your photo take at the Just Shoot Me in the Dust Photo Booth at Ebb and Glow Village.  If you’ve recently attended a swanky event in San Francisco, Leori may have captured your swankiness so that years from now,  you can show your grandchildren just how amazing you were. Leori talks about photography and a few other topics on this podcast.   Correction: The reference to the BM holiday card was meant to be a thank you card.

Co-Produced with David Hill, photographer and guest host

Photography by Leori Gill

Music by  DJ DÉNOUEMENT [DEEP FREQUENCIEZ], Session A038 on Alkaline Podcast found at burnerpodcast.com

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