David Piller, Millenaissance Man & BRC Project Builder

Meet David Piller, aka “Piller” of the Playa.  He’s a self-proclaimed Millenaissance Man and Black Rock City project builder.  He talks about all the projects that he has worked on and what happened in his life that lead him up to his first project.  His outlook on all of this is if you don’t have a “Hell Yeah” feeling about a build project, then wait for one to come or look for it and the magic will come.   We talk about temple builds, Grand Canyon, Space Whale, hemp advocacy and hearing loss plus a whole bunch more.

David Piller 2

Photo by Tony Nolley


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Introduction music by Gina Calderoni of Dirty Beatles  Episode A044 of Alkaline Podcast at Burner Podcast.  

20626312_10155591450202953_6573293953860844469_o (1)

Photo by Matthew Schultz

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