Elders of DUSTFISH

Join two incredible ladies of DUSTFISH as they talk about their  long-time success of their well-established camp that became a Village.  After learning and merging for three years as a Village, they will go back to being a camp to have more intimate bonds between noobies and fellow Fish.   Whatever form, they must be doing something right. DUSTFISH celebrates their 20th year on the playa! Camp elders, Opal Essence and sWitch, share their stories and what’s next for their 2018 live performance stage. Learn about GrassFish, a July family-friendly and off-playa lakeside campout.

Ladies of Dustfish5

Links associated with this podcast

DUSTFISH on Facebook

Email Opal Essence at opalminded@gmail.com

Photography by Neil Girling at www.theblight.net

Graphic Art by Lila Baumont  

Introduction music by Tony K The Man in Pink from Pele’s Fire camp.  Episode 043 of Alkaline Podcast at Burner Podcast.  


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