Baba Yaga’s Book Club comes to BRC in 2018


Baba Yaga Book Club2.jpg

Who is Baba Yaga anyway? She is from Slavick folklore and lives in the forest in a hut that has chicken legs.  And her hut is coming to Black Rock City in 2018. Meet Sprocket, Art Lead for Baba Yaga’s Book Club. Her hut is full of surprises that incorporate the many stories that have been touched by Baba Yaga’s character.  Learn more about Baba Yaga and the city of Reno’s The Generator art space. If you like this podcast, share it with your friends so they don’t miss out on the two sides of Baba Yaga- the vile side that is terribly ruthless, and her benevolent side that shares wondrous gifts to the most worthy.  

Links associated with this podcast

Vasalisa the Beautiful

History of Baba Yaga (internet goody)

Baba Yaga’s Patreon with pictures

Introduction music by Jaime James (The Beat Sentinals), guest of Alaline Podcast, episode A047.   

Original rendering created for this project by Matthew Schultz.

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