Bobzilla  from BMIR, Information and Music on the Playa



From BMIR, Burning Man Information and Music on the Playa

Have you tuned in to BMIR while pulsing in line to get in or out of Black Rock City?  Have you tuned in to find out about a looming thunderstorm or what’s happening on a Tuesday night in your city?  BMIR is Burning Man Information Radio, the BMORGS radio, with a collective of DJ’s and behind-the-tower volunteers who  provide information and music to the citizens of Black Rock City and burners worldwide. In this podcast, meet Bobzilla, Co-Project Manager at BMIR. He shares with us how burners can capture the essence of BMIR all year long.

bobzilla2 (1)

Links associated with this podcast


Shouting Fire

Photographs by Eye Fl Eye

Intro music by Scottie Scribbles on Alkaline Podcast, episode number A048.  Find it at Burner Podcast.




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