David Normal Brings Cathenge to Black Rock City, 2019

Burning Man Artist, David Normal talks about Cathenge

and other things

David Normal started out going to Burning Man in 1994.  Back then, he was attracted to Burning Man because of the participatory and alternative culture.  He’s still around! This year, he is bringing Cathenge. Think of it like a Cat Temple with tall elegant, mystical cat statues he calls “Catoliths” that make up a temple of love energy.  David talks about how you can participate. He also talks about the development of his art in his earlier years including involvement in the punk rock and performance-art scenes in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Links associated to this podcast



Cathenge on Facebook

Photography and art renderings by David Normal

Intro music by Black Velveteen of Airpusher Collective on Alkaline Podcast, episode 061.

david normal2

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