The Inner Sun Project at Black Rock City, 2019

Mary Poppins has the World in His Hand

Nathan Altman lead the Temple Build in 2015.  In 2016, he managed Black Rock City Dept of Public Works / DPW.   In 2017, he was the lead for Man Build. In 2018, he ran for U.S. Senator of Illinois.  In 2019, is bringing out The Inner Sun Project to Black Rock City and it’s one of the larger projects on the Playa this year.  Nathan, aka Mary Poppins, wants your hand in the project. Literally. He hopes to have over 100k metal hands on the walls of this 100-foot art project and he tells you how to get involved in this podcast. Mary Poppins and his team are preparing to open-source all of their project management planning documents as templates for others to use with their art projects.  At the end, hear how you can help share your feedback to on the BLM’s Environmental Impact Statement which is in draft form and open for public feedback with a deadline of April 29, 2019.

Inner sun project2

Links associated to this podcast:

Inner Sun Project on Facebook

Inner Sun Project

Nathan Altman’s website

Photography by M. Fox

Intro music by LiquorBox  on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 062.  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

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