Talk to God Project at Black Rock City

Talk to God Phone Booth is an art installation that started at Black Rock City, in 2002.  You may have seen the booth on the Esplanade. Is it fate and destiny that operates the telephone booth?   Miles Eastman who now oversees the project thinks it’s both.  He’s taken the project to various places outside of BRC, shared it with different camps in BRC,  and recently updated the look of the telephone booths. Miles also shares his heartwarming story about his mother who went to BRC once before her passing. Miles is donating her white picket fence to a camp so she’ll get to go back in her own special way.

Websites associated with this podcast: 

Photography by Super Suz and Mies Eastman

Intro music by Eric de Guzman Alkaline Podcast, Episode 063.  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

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