Our Temple for 2019- The Temple of Direction

For many burners, going to the temple at BRC to honor their ancestors is one of the  most important traditions of Burning Man. Meet several people, including the lead architect and designer, Geordie Van Der Bosch, who are a part of the temple build.  With an elegant, open design, Geordie and his team will give us four entrances and lots of enclosed space. The temple will collaborate with at least four art / design groups to bring in lanterns, light and even seating to the temple.   Hear Geordie  and three members of his build crew, Michelle Leigh, 10-year-old Quinton, and Sorin Kim, who talk about how they are involved and  how you can get involved too.

Photography by Leori Gill Photography,  Art renderings by Georgie Van Der Bosch

Links associated to this podcast:

Fundraiser for Temple of Direction

Website and where to donate from there

Temple of Direction on Facebook

Temple of Direction on Instagram

Intro music by Black Velveteen of the Airpusher Collective Alkaline Podcast, episode number A056  Find it at Burner Podcast and Burner Podcast Soundcloud channel.

temple of direction3

Temple of Direction weekend volunteer build 4/7/19.  Photography by  Leori Gill

C:UsersGeordieDesktopVn.1TEMPLE 4TEMPLE_4.pdf

Temple of Direction Tunnel Entrance.  Rendering by  Geordie Van Der Bosch

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