Burner Hacks with Melissa Kirk

Burner Hacks with Melissa Kirk

You’re doing it right, or at least trying!

Burner Hacks is a group on Facebook with over 23,000 members.   Melissa Kirk, the group’s originator and one of the admins, has made it into a “Troll-Free Zone” with all questions valid (mostly) and radical inclusion practiced (with the exception of unnecessarily mean people).  Find out how to make the best potty for your camp, the best swamp cooler and monkey hut. You can discuss ad-nauseum about the best way to stake down your tents. You’re doing it right at Burner Hacks, or you are at least trying! Note that if you are not a Facebook-type of person, you can find similar information on ePlaya Forum located on the Burning Man website.   

Links associated to this podcast:

Facebook Burner Hacks Group

Graphic Art by Melissa Kirk

Photography by Michael Fox, aka BlueFox, at the Shoot Me in The Dust Photo Studio, BRC

Intro music by J Key  on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 024  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

burner hacks2 (1)


Melissa rides the Bi-Polar Express

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