Simon of the “e” Playa

Simon of the “e” Playa

Burning on ePlaya since 2007

Simon Gold, aka Simon of the Playa, has been attending Burning Man since 1996.  Upholsterologist by day and ePlaya postershop by night, Simon has been bantering with the best burners since 2007 on ePlaya, the online forum for burners to post about all things Burning Man related and a little beyond.  Find plenty of open discussion there with a whole community of passionate posters. Simon talks about politics, social media and developing his voice there. At a time like this, your vote and your visual “voice” says a lot.  Simon says, “Use it”!  

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Intro music by Davey James  on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 013  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.