The Keymaster, Eric Steven Rankin

Talks about the Multiverse and Sonic Geometry

Meet the Keymaster.  Have you ever wondered if aliens or dimensional beings ever visited Burning Man?  I have.  My guest, Eric Steven Rankin, first  became interested in the possibility of other worlds and dimensions in the 1970’s.  This led him to his work on Sonic Geometry, which is his theory and study of geometric symmetry found throughout our universe in physical space and sound.   Eric is also a burner.  We’ll hear several of his burner stories including his “close encounters” of the Playa kind. Did you know that some of his material is found in the graphic art of this year’s Burning Man poster?  By the way, the Multiverse poster is a fundraising opportunity for Burning Man. Find it at the Burning Man website.   Nicole Bloss, the artist of that poster, is a guest of my podcast.  She talked about Eric in our recorded conversation and then she introduced me to him.

Links associated to this podcast:

Sonic Geometry website

Keymaster’s local Southern California radio show, Awakening Code, recordings 

Burning Man’s Multiverse Poster (Buy one and support Burning Man)

Burning Man Art Speaks video series

Photography by Eric Steven Rankin

Intro music by DJ Kafa [Movement of Jah People] on Alkaline Podcast, episode A049

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