Personal Space At BRC

 7-year burner, Matthew Shapard, aka Shap, is a San Diego based burner who has created several wearable performance art pieces to bring out to Black Rock City as well as his local Regional.   His camp “Yes, And” hosts performance space and serves cheesy treats at San Diego’s regional YOUtopia.  His recent project, Personal Space, is something that is very relevant for us today with our six feet or more perimeter space that each of us is trying to live with every day.  We talk about what it was like for Shap to keep a personal space at Burning Man, which was Shap not giving consent for anyone to enter his circle of personal space throughout the whole time he wears the ring.  What was that like? Shap also reminds us that we don’t have to “go big” to participate by bringing art to Burning Man and the regionals.  Lastly, Shap advocates  how we can help out San Diego Collaborative Arts which is their local Project 501(c)3.  

Photography by Scott Ketcham 

Intro music is by Mikey High Jinks [Movement of Jah People] on Alkaline Podcast, episode A006

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