Meet Sunshine Daydream of Playatech

Super Suz spoke with Sunshine Daydream in the spring of 2021.  He’s the Chief Radical Instigator of Playatech. He’s one of the most prolific artists in Black Rock City that nobody knows about.  He created Playatech in 2005 to spoof Decommodification, and it’s been used all these years in thousands of camps.  Learn how you and your campmates can turn plywood into Playatech in any garage or backyard.  It’s easy to fabricate, easy to pack, easy to assemble, and perfect for any playa needs from DJ booths to bike parking. This is a great summer to get rid of skanky, bulky playa couches and update your camp and village infrastructure! 

Photo by Glimmer

Links associated to the podcast:

Photographs by Glimmer

Intro Music by Duckman

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