Renegade Burn, 2021:  All About the Art Car

Renegade Burn, 2021 – All About the Art Car

Some have said that 2021, besides being a virtual burn year, was all about the art cars.  That’s debatable, I know.  Instead of debating, we hear from two art car owners who called in to one of my Tuesday night shows on Shouting Fire online radio.  We talked about their experience at the Renegade Burn with their art cars.  This recording was made on August 28th, 2021.  I played some recorded mutant vehicle DJ sets, then we hear from Scotty, the  owner of the  AntiDysentery Art Car.  I played some more music and then we hear from Dustin, the owner of Shelly the Crab Art Car.  Both talk about their cars and what it was like to drive it around the playa in 2021 during the Black Rock Desert Renegade Burn.  

Links Associated to this Podcast

Shelly the Crab Art Car

Anti Dysentery Art Car

Burning Man Intellectual Property article

Intro Music by Duckman found on Souncloud

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