2018 Podcast: Meet Miss McCrafty!

My apologies! I recently was looking for this podcast on my website only to discover that it ended up being published on the net at all the usual places but not included as a post on my podcast website when it was published in June of 2018. Well, Ace Maker Space is still alive and is going well! I don’t want anyone to miss it so here it is, just a little bit late. And there is much to learn from our conversation. Again, my bad, Rachel.

Intro: Meet Ms. McCrafty aka Crafty aka Rachel Sadd! She talks to us about Ace Monster Toys makerspace, a non profit space dedicated towards education, hacking, and maker culture. We burners love to make things. Rachel shares her techniques on how to build community space within a makerspace and more recently with her work at Maker Faire, Bay Area, 2018 as their Week of Learning programming lead. Most of her great ideas can be transferable to burner communities. If you have a build crew or want to put on workshops for your area, listen and learn. She’s great!

Links associated to this podcast www.acemonstertoys.org wwwthecraftyavenger.com 

Photograph by Rachel Sadd Intro music by  DINK! Found on Alkaline Podcast, episode number A037.

Find it at www.burnerpodcast.com. Find more Into The Fire podcasts at www.intothefirebm.com.

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