Temple Builders Guild, 2022

Tree Jay Lee talks about the new Temple Builders Guild

Meet Tree Jay Lee from The Temple Builders Guild.  It’s a new group of temple builders who got together and figured out a way to handle temple build tools and to keep a collection of tools for the next temple build.  This involves transportation and even Airstream made into a kitchen that is ready to deploy meals to a large build crew for years to come.  It’s the start of what is infrastructure that is passed down from year to year.  Their mission is to make temple builds as well as  municipal, community art projects,  easier for the artist(s) and teams who build them by equipping them with the necessary equipment while reducing waste and increasing efficiency. If they can do it, so can your team.  Learn from them and save your collected legacy for the next crew!  

Links associated to the podcast:

Temple Builders Guild website

Photograph of Tree Jay Lee by Mathew Gilbuena

Intro music from Duckman found on Soundcloud

Tree Jay Lee on Playa

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