Meet Black Rock Philharmonic Conductor, Maestro Eric

The Black Rock Philharmonic is a group of professional and amateur musicians from different camps that performs classical music for the ever-growing Burning Man community.  Meet Eric, or Dr. FireTuba, conductor and organizer, who talks about their beginnings, their 2022 concert music program on the Playa, some wonderful shoutouts to other acoustic groups in the desert, and great stories.  From the dust, supported by dozens of musicians from all over Black Rock and the organization team of Erin, Roger, and Alyce, an orchestra is formed.  How do they pull off performing such amazing music with limited practice together?  Find out how and more on this podcast. Tell all your friends to check out the variety of amazing burner guests at Burner and  

From the Black Rock Philharmonic Facebook Post. Thank you, Photographer!

Links associated to the podcast

Black Rock Philharmonic on Facebook

Black Rock Philharmonic website with lots of videos to watch

The Folly Builders Paradisium

Eric’s email: 

Photo by Sharon Araham

Photograph by, graphic art  by Roger Wu

Intro music by Duckman on Soundcloud

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