Benjamin Langholz, Artist of Beam at BRC, 2022

Meet Benjamin Langholz, interactive sculpture artist, who brought Beam to Black Rock City, 2022. Made of steam I Beams, the art installation called Beam spanned 150 feet long and was meant to be walked from start to point and then down to the other end while walking across its 14 inch-wide girth. Benjamin talks about his past art installations including Stone 27 that came out in 2019 and  Stone 40 that was part of a Burning Man curated exhibit at Chatsworth House in England, 2022. Learn good information for anyone thinking of bringing out an art installation to BRC or a Regional.  

Links associated to the podcast

Benjamin’s Instagram

Benjamin’s website

Shibari Sanctuary

Caveat Magister’s article mentioned in the intro


Photographs by Benjamin Langholz

Intro music by Duckman on Soundcloud

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