Setting Goals and Intentions for the New Year 2023

Ideas on how to gear up for a new year with Halcyon Styn and Mr. Arash Afshar

This was recorded live in January, 2023 on a live, Shouting Fire online  radio show.  Halcyon Styn is a social media pioneer who has been storytelling online for 20 years. His weekly podcast “Hug Nation” has been influential and motivational for thousands of listeners.  Mr. Arash produces the longest running burner podcast on Burner Podcast.  This is a conversation of interest to anyone who is beginning a plan to make changes in their lives, such as new year resolutions or big goals. Listen to gear up  your plans and move forward with good intentions.  

Links associated to this podcast:

About Halcyon can be found at

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Intro music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Photography by Arash Afshar

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