Margareta Appalachia with Orange Mike and Marzipan Matt

Margareta Appalachia is a wonderful art build going out to BRC, 2017.  It  involves mountains, strip mines, drums, and ancient vegetation.    It’s also a representation of the artist’s sister.  Orange Mike and his sis grew up in West Virginia.  He shares about how his life experiences and an admiration for his amazing sister inspired him to build his first art piece for the playa.  Project Manager, Marzipan Matt shares his excitement for this build as well as some of his stories from building art on in the desert and how that has shaped his personal philosophy about art.

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Slides from the Burning Man Desert Arts Preview in San Francisco, June 2017

Art rendering  by Orange Mike, music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Margareta Appalachia (1)

Rat Lady talks about Mobility Camp

And about the Tiny House Living lifestyle

Mobility Camp provides wheelchair friendly art and playa tours for the mobility challenged, the walking wounded, and the able bodied.  They provide access workshops for BRC builders, a charging station for medical equipment, as well as educational support  for the mobility challenged both on and off the playa.  Rat Lady, a long-time burner at Mobility Camp, talks to us about the services and invites all to visit the camp.  At the end, she shares her experience from living a tiny house lifestyle.


Mobility Camp2

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Mobility Camp on facebook

Graphics by Dani Rat Lady, Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Killbuck Norman, Artist Extraordinaire

Killbuck  is an artist who has contributed to Black Rock City  over the years.  He is the artist who created the sideshow-carny-inspired art that surrounded the man at Carnival of Mirrors in 2015.  He lives in Carson City, and frequents Reno and Sparks where he has studio space; and is a volunteer at Morris Burner Hostel of Reno, a great place to stay for visitors and weekenders.  As an advocate for The Morris, he believes that it has great value for the community of Reno.  They need our help right now to get up to code and he shares how we can help.  

Killbuck Norman2

Music by Duckman on SoundCloud

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The Morris Burner Hostel:

Killbuck art:


Kino Pālua


Bay Area artist, Kahai Sumida-Tate, is bringing out to BRC another amazing large-scale build called Kino Pālua.  

mug shot

She brought Pa’hao’aho – The Volcano to the playa in 2014 and her transformative journey continues within Kino Pālua.  I sat down with some of the build crew at a downtown Oakland cafe early in the build season.  We chatted before they had their planning meeting. This time around, Kahai brings us two 16′ x 24′ temporary, wooden structures that were meant to embrace the participant within the center of each structure.   Kino Pālua will welcome you to become at one and interact with the ‘ahi’ structure or the  ‘wai ‘ side of her sculpture.  Within the ‘ahi’ side, feel the heat and hear the roar of the 6 propane poofers as you let it all go. Inside wai on the opposite side, you will  be soothed by the calming and embracing experience of from water.  

Also in the conversation, Architects David Gastaneta and Dan Swain and fundraising Lead, Georgina McLachla.  Al Stahler is the Flame and Pyrotechnics guru.

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Graphic renderings by David Gastaneta, photo by Joel Miliken and music by Duckman on Soundcloud.

Kino Pālua



Tex Allen is Hugging America!

Tex Allen is a long-time burner who has gifted thousands of burner hugs on the playa and beyond.  Maybe you’ve seen or felt that meaningful hug on the playa that becomes a big part of what burners have described as their transformative experience.  Tex has campaigned using a simple red nose for over 7 years and has shared how his daily  intention of being acutely aware of presence has opened him to “magical”, synchronistic experiences daily.  Now he’s taking another step forward and inviting you to Hug America with him.  We know the power of hugs.  You are invited to join Tex’s Hug America Campaign to spread the love beyond Black Rock City.


Graphic art by Tex Allen

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Hug America Page on fb

Hugging America fb Group

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Inside the Mind of Mischell Phoenix Riley

You may have found Mischell Phoenix Riley’s large sculpture called Inside the Mind of Da Vinci last year.  She’s back with another another amazing walk-in art sculpture called Maya’s Mind.  It’s about 11 foot tall and made of bronze.  The bust of Maya Angelou will inspire so many people just as she has inspired the artist, Phoenix, and will be the first of her series of sculpted, historical women.  She will be our beacon to remind us to go for our dreams despite our defeats.  Join the artist as she talks about her development as an artist, her inspirations she brings us, and her plans to continue to bring art to Black Rock City in the future.

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Facebook  Page for Maya’s Mind

Mischell’s Website  

Inside The Mind of Da Vinci

Mischell Riley3

Photo by Scott Kline

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Mayas Mind

 Photo by Eleanor Preger

Meet Liz Linsell, Volunteer Lead at AfrikaBurn

Liz Linsell (1)

Meet Liz Linsell from AfrikaBurn.  You’ll find her behind the scenes throughout the year working as key Volunteer Lead. Volunteer-driven Tonkwa Town needs 100’s of  volunteers to fill 1000’s of shifts to keep infrastructure running smoothly from the arid desert. For the past nine years, she’s has helped volunteers find their perfect groove that’s just right for them.   Liz and her team have modified the volunteer tracking system as they have grown.  Theme camps and regionals may be interested in what she has to say about working with volunteers.

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What’s going on at AfrikaBurn, 2017?

Volunteer Now!

Radiofree Tonkwa

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud



Photo credit,  Jacqui Woolfson

AfrikaBurn 2013-AAQ

Photo credit, Sean Furlong