Aaron Chocolate Woods, Volunteering for The Man at Black Rock City and Beyond

Aaron “Chocolate” Woods has volunteered for Burning Man in so many ways, we cannot fit it here.  From temple crews, to rangers, to the Burning Man Special Events Team in San Francisco Aaron shares about how he got started and what he gets out of volunteering for Burning Man.  He has suggestions and tips for those thinking of being more of a participant.  For those who already volunteer, he shares his suggestions to get the most out of the volunteer experience.

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Burning Man’s Volunteer Teams link

Volunteer Survival Guide

Black Rocky City, No Spectators!

Volunteering tips for first timers

Temple, 2017 Facebook page

Photograph by Leori Gill,  Selfie by Aaron Woods

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Aaron Woods by Leori Gill

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Peter Hazel, Artist at Burning Man

BloomPeter Hazel, the artist who brought you the Octavius last year and Fly By Manta Ray in 2015 is back again with more art with tiles.  This time, it’s a giant jellyfish  comprised of hundreds of smaller recycled glass jellyfish. It’s so big that it there’s a 24 foot platform  inside the dome 35 feet above ground.  It’s a huge art endeavor and we talk to Peter about 40 days before the man burns in 2017.  He talks about the challenge of completing a big art project when it’s crunch time and when plans don’t always fit into place.  It’s crunch time and Peter’s pushing through!  


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Rendering by Scott Turek

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Get tips and stories from David C Hill, Photographer at Burning Man

David Hill Photographer

Photography at Burning Man is a series co-hosted by David Hill, professional photographer and videographer who loves to take pictures of the people of Burning Man.  He’s volunteered for Playa Art Tours and Media Mecca, the go-to place in BRC to support and information distribution to the journalists and photographers who attend Burning Man.  In this first of a series of podcasts about burner photographers, we have a chance to get to know David.  Later, he will then co-host podcasts with more amazing photographers.  Stay tuned and invite your friends.

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Partial song by SHOSTAKOVICH:
Symphony No. 5, Op. 4, Philadelphia Orchestra with Leopold Stokowski, conductor
Photograph by David C Hill


Camp Gallavant and the USS Nevada


Camp Gallavant and the USS Nevada


Ahoy to the pirates of the Playa!  Join Vice Admiral Morgan of the USS Nevada mutant vehicle and member of Camp Gallavant talk about the duties of maintaining and operating one of the oldest pirate ships in BRC.  Listen to Genesis, daughter of Admiral Steve, share her camp pride.  Bar Mistress, Josie, talks shop about how she has successfully set up Camp Gallavant’s bar.  This is a long-time camp (since 2001) so they must be doing a few things right.  They’re still going strong with well over 125 campers each year. They invite you to visit them and enjoy all the interactivity & hospitality offered at Camp Gallavant.  Hop on and take a ride!

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Photographraphy by Andrew Wyatt

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Camp Gallavant’s website (when it’s fixed)

Camp Gallavant’s facebook page

Camp Gallavant sea shanty

This was recorded in July, 2017 at a weekend campout called Mistafer’s Midsummer Magic.  


Margareta Appalachia with Orange Mike and Marzipan Matt

Margareta Appalachia is a wonderful art build going out to BRC, 2017.  It  involves mountains, strip mines, drums, and ancient vegetation.    It’s also a representation of the artist’s sister.  Orange Mike and his sis grew up in West Virginia.  He shares about how his life experiences and an admiration for his amazing sister inspired him to build his first art piece for the playa.  Project Manager, Marzipan Matt shares his excitement for this build as well as some of his stories from building art on in the desert and how that has shaped his personal philosophy about art.

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Slides from the Burning Man Desert Arts Preview in San Francisco, June 2017

Art rendering  by Orange Mike, music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Margareta Appalachia (1)

Rat Lady talks about Mobility Camp

And about the Tiny House Living lifestyle

Mobility Camp provides wheelchair friendly art and playa tours for the mobility challenged, the walking wounded, and the able bodied.  They provide access workshops for BRC builders, a charging station for medical equipment, as well as educational support  for the mobility challenged both on and off the playa.  Rat Lady, a long-time burner at Mobility Camp, talks to us about the services and invites all to visit the camp.  At the end, she shares her experience from living a tiny house lifestyle.


Mobility Camp2

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Mobility Camp on facebook

Graphics by Dani Rat Lady, Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Killbuck Norman, Artist Extraordinaire

Killbuck  is an artist who has contributed to Black Rock City  over the years.  He is the artist who created the sideshow-carny-inspired art that surrounded the man at Carnival of Mirrors in 2015.  He lives in Carson City, and frequents Reno and Sparks where he has studio space; and is a volunteer at Morris Burner Hostel of Reno, a great place to stay for visitors and weekenders.  As an advocate for The Morris, he believes that it has great value for the community of Reno.  They need our help right now to get up to code and he shares how we can help.  

Killbuck Norman2

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The Morris Burner Hostel:  http://morrisburnerhostel.com/

Killbuck art: http://kostoomarts.weebly.com/paintings-and-sideshow-art.html