Deep Creek Experimental Artist Collective Brings Art to BRC

Deep Creek Experimental is near Telluride, Colorado. It’s a mixed use space for the experimental / industrial performing art that is located at a re-purposed and converted old limestone mine. The main goal of DCE is to provide a shared space to create and build artwork. Lead Artist, Anton Viditz-Ward has brought several art projects out to Black Rock City. We talk to him about his art and about his public art space that is building community in Colorado.

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The Flower Tower at Black Rock City

Designer, Builder and Artist, Kevin Clark from Reared In Steel, has created amazing art projects for Burning Man, including the Rhino Redemption art car, Medusa Madness for Carnival of Mirrors 2015 and brought back for  Da Vinci’s Workshop 2016.  He also created  Guardiano Leon for Da Vinci’s Workshop 2016, and Flower Tower at Radical Ritual, 2107.  The Flower Tower is an 80 foot tall metal structure ornately decorated by thousands of painted metal flowers, some of which blew fire.  His partner, Michelle Ramatici, joins us.  Our conversation includes what it is like to bring out large, metal art sculptures to Black Rock City and how they engaged their local communities to help create their art.

Flower Tower 2

Photographraphy by Yi Yang

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Tzipora Hoynik, BRC Jewelry Artist


Tzipora Hoynik (1)

Tzipora Hoynik, lifelong artist, has been making jewelry for burners for years.  She uses her metalsmithing skills to make amazing playa jewelry for gifting and for fundraising perks.  

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Take a look at these beauties!


2017 fronts


Solipmission- The Black Box at BRC, 2017

At Burning Man 2017 a small crew of artists were locked up inside a black box. Inside, they created their own virtual Burning Man using only the feedback of visitors who entered the box. Find out what visitors said, what they created and what happens next.

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2017 Solipmission 2

A Conversation with Eleanor Preger, Photographer from Black Rock City

Eleanor Preger 2

David Hill is back with more Burning Man photography talk. This time, we talk with Eleanor Preger from Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Eleanor has a passion for the arts and a photography enthusiast. She is an avid supporter of Burning Man arts and she shares with us how she developed herself as a photographer, how BRC sparked her passion, and what she did in her community to learn her craft. At the time of this publication, her work is being shown at the Nevada Art Museum in Reno.

Co Produced with David Hill
Photography by Jonathan Goody
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Eleanor’s online photo gallery
Eleanor’s First Place picture in Nevada Magazine

Wings of Eos at Radical Ritual, 2017


The Wings of Eos will stand as a shrine surrounding the Man Base at BRC, 2017.  Laser-cut wooden handprint “feathers” representing four generations of the artist’s matrilineal line and individually decorated by hundreds of burners comprise the Wings. Named for Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn and new beginnings, this shrine pays homage to the many people whose outstretched hands helped the artist, Roxane “Bounce” Williams, toward a new beginning. Roxane spends time talking with us about the meaning of this piece, how it has helped her to continue her personal transformation, and how she hopes that this hands-on art will inspire others.


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Photographraphy by Roxane Willaims

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Wings of Eos

Aaron Chocolate Woods, Volunteering for The Man at Black Rock City and Beyond

Aaron “Chocolate” Woods has volunteered for Burning Man in so many ways, we cannot fit it here.  From temple crews, to rangers, to the Burning Man Special Events Team in San Francisco Aaron shares about how he got started and what he gets out of volunteering for Burning Man.  He has suggestions and tips for those thinking of being more of a participant.  For those who already volunteer, he shares his suggestions to get the most out of the volunteer experience.

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Burning Man’s Volunteer Teams link

Volunteer Survival Guide

Black Rocky City, No Spectators!

Volunteering tips for first timers

Temple, 2017 Facebook page

Photograph by Leori Gill,  Selfie by Aaron Woods

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Aaron Woods by Leori Gill

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