Meet Sunshine Daydream of Playatech

Super Suz spoke with Sunshine Daydream in the spring of 2021.  He’s the Chief Radical Instigator of Playatech. He’s one of the most prolific artists in Black Rock City that nobody knows about.  He created Playatech in 2005 to spoof Decommodification, and it’s been used all these years in thousands of camps.  Learn how you and your campmates can turn plywood into Playatech in any garage or backyard.  It’s easy to fabricate, easy to pack, easy to assemble, and perfect for any playa needs from DJ booths to bike parking. This is a great summer to get rid of skanky, bulky playa couches and update your camp and village infrastructure! 

Photo by Glimmer

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Photographs by Glimmer

Intro Music by Duckman

Talking Fire with Dave X

Super Suz spoke with Dave X, Fire Art Safety Team Manager at Burning Man Project, to find out what are some of the things Burners need to be aware of when burning an effigy.  Many burners are gathering together this summer and this is the podcast that will help burners know about fire safety, fire awareness and other important things to think about and know when using fire to burn.  

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Article: Creating Dangerous Art Safely

Article: Interview with Dave X in 2020 by Kirsten Weisenburger

Article:  2016 Dave X  about the development of his department

Photograph of Dave X  by John Curley

Intro music from Alkaline Podcast, Episode A005 featuring Makii.  Find it on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel. 

Tex Allen and NFT’s for Burners

Super Suz spoke with Tex Allen back in 2019 and he’s back. This time, his new project is his TTITD website for NFT’s that features honoraria artists and helps them fund new projects and earn income for their existing art. “Patronage IS Participation!” is Tex’s new mantra. A portion of the NFT purchases will go towards a donation to Burning Man Project as well.  This is an independent website and group of artists who’ve stepped up and taken leadership in the new digital artspace.  Four months of work comes together soon and those who are curious will get to see what becomes of burner NFT’s when TTITD launches in late June, 2021.

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The NFT website

Photograph by Cat Foshee.  

Intro music from Alkaline Podcast, Episode 18 featuring Laser Rot [Shangri-Lawless].  Find it on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel. Burner Podcast · Into The Fire: Tex Allen and NFT’s for Burners

Personal Space At BRC

 7-year burner, Matthew Shapard, aka Shap, is a San Diego based burner who has created several wearable performance art pieces to bring out to Black Rock City as well as his local Regional.   His camp “Yes, And” hosts performance space and serves cheesy treats at San Diego’s regional YOUtopia.  His recent project, Personal Space, is something that is very relevant for us today with our six feet or more perimeter space that each of us is trying to live with every day.  We talk about what it was like for Shap to keep a personal space at Burning Man, which was Shap not giving consent for anyone to enter his circle of personal space throughout the whole time he wears the ring.  What was that like? Shap also reminds us that we don’t have to “go big” to participate by bringing art to Burning Man and the regionals.  Lastly, Shap advocates  how we can help out San Diego Collaborative Arts which is their local Project 501(c)3.  

Photography by Scott Ketcham 

Intro music is by Mikey High Jinks [Movement of Jah People] on Alkaline Podcast, episode A006

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San Diego Collaborative Arts:

Burning Man Calendar: 

The Keymaster, Eric Steven Rankin

Talks about the Multiverse and Sonic Geometry

Meet the Keymaster.  Have you ever wondered if aliens or dimensional beings ever visited Burning Man?  I have.  My guest, Eric Steven Rankin, first  became interested in the possibility of other worlds and dimensions in the 1970’s.  This led him to his work on Sonic Geometry, which is his theory and study of geometric symmetry found throughout our universe in physical space and sound.   Eric is also a burner.  We’ll hear several of his burner stories including his “close encounters” of the Playa kind. Did you know that some of his material is found in the graphic art of this year’s Burning Man poster?  By the way, the Multiverse poster is a fundraising opportunity for Burning Man. Find it at the Burning Man website.   Nicole Bloss, the artist of that poster, is a guest of my podcast.  She talked about Eric in our recorded conversation and then she introduced me to him.

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Sonic Geometry website

Keymaster’s local Southern California radio show, Awakening Code, recordings 

Burning Man’s Multiverse Poster (Buy one and support Burning Man)

Burning Man Art Speaks video series

Photography by Eric Steven Rankin

Intro music by DJ Kafa [Movement of Jah People] on Alkaline Podcast, episode A049

What’s Justin Katz Up To Now? It’s Kindling!

What’s Justin Katz Up To Now?

Community Events, Kindling, Edwardians and Beyond

Justin Katz aka Paradox has golden fingers that have touched many Bay Area burners and we don’t even know it.  He gets things done and makes things happen. Sometimes he’s center stage and sometimes he’s behind the scenes.  He’s the founder of PARADOX Media and The Edwardian Ball, member of longtime Bay Area bands Rosin Coven and Dr. Abacus, and works for Burning Man Project as an Executive Producer and co-lead of the San Francisco Community Events Team. Thinking about how we were asking for collaboration, connection and experiences, something recently sparked and led to him taking on a leadership role in Burning Man’s new online portal for virtual and global events, Kindling. What is it, how do we use it and what is it going to do for us in 2020 and beyond?

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Photography by Devon Madson and Marco Sanchez

Introduction music by DJ Celeste of San Francisco

Justin Katz, AKA Paradox. Photographer, Devon Madsen

Professor Pickle Talks About Camp Envy

A virtual camp at Black Rock City since 2009

Super Suz and Professor Pickle explore Camp Envy, the “largest theme camp NOT on playa”. As the burner community shifts to a socially-distanced online experience this year, we are all now in Camp Envy. Since 2009, CE has been a welcome online home to burners who aren’t able to attend the annual gathering in Black Rock City. CE is populated by veteran burners and burner curious all looking for a way to connect and radically express themselves during the Burning Man webcast (#bmwebcast). 

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Intro music by Paul Knox on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 057  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

DJ Celeste Taps into Virtual Reality

DJ Celeste Lear, music producer and visual artist, first went to Burning Man in 1999. She has a deep love for art, music, community and rave culture. She brought her family to the playa, and a brought large-scale, metal sculpture for 9 years. She has performed there as a music producer & DJ. This last year, she has been exploring various disciplines in the high tech world of VR to continue to bring self expression as an artist and DJ to the digital playa and beyond.  

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Video footage of DJ Celeste building 3D stages in VR 

DJ Celeste at BURN2 Burnal Equinox, 2020

Photograph by Jeff Cable

Now What Do We Do?

It’s April, 2020 and we just found out that Burning Man Black Rock City, 2020 is cancelled.  Now what do we do?  I invited Molly Freedenberg,  known as Molly Free on the Playa,  to chat about what she thinks this can mean for burners.  What does it mean for us burners- not only the burners who would have gone to BRC this year, but for burners all over the world?  What can we do for our close-by community?   It’s an International, Virtual Burn and it’s a Burn in Place that can make an impact.   Let’s see what we can make together!   Commentary by Tex Allen, past guest with his own podcast.

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BURN2 (mentioned)

Intro music by Masio of Mexico on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 068  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

Atticus Wolf from M0xy and Danny Beesley

Atticus Wolf from M0xy  and Danny Beesley

What can we do with creator spaces NOW during the Quarantine?


Atticus Wolf, owner of M0xy (spelled with a numerical zero for the “o”) in Oakland, invited Danny Beesley, founder of IDEA BUILDER Labs to talk shop.   Danny helps learning institutions develop their creative spaces.  Both have knowledge and experience over the years supporting artists and developing a maker space. M0xy just recently survived a fire!  Both are well suited to suggest how we move forward.  How do we help? How do we support the  artist-community maker/creator space owners who need our help now during our economic turmoil brought about with the quarantine and Shelter-in-Place for the Bay Area and beyond?

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M0xy’s website 

Article about M0xy

Fundraising for M0xy and M0xy some of M0xy’s fabrication


Danny Beesley on another podcast

Photographs  by Atticus Wolf

Intro music by Alkaline Podcast, Episode 65, Jason Esun of Wolfpack.