Maria Partridge & Reno Playa Art Park


Do you have a park that needs some art?  Do you have a city that would benefit from the culture of Burning Man?   In 2008, Maria Partridge and Crimson Rose decided to bring out an art collection from Burning Man to Downtown Reno. For three months, the temporary art installation became a community space with music, meetups and Burning Man culture, connecting burners with the citizens of Reno.  Over the years, Maria has learned a thing or two about how to work with the city of Reno.  This year, she brings you Reno Playa Art Park, a six-month, temporary art collection in downtown Reno.  If your burner community is thinking about  bringing your burner art to your city, then this is the conversation for you.  Listen to Maria talk about her experience and share the knowledge that she’s gathered. Sparking an interest?  More info to come in the near future!

Weblinks Associated with This Podcast

Reno Playa Art Park at theGateway Project

Building Community Through Burning Man Art | Maria Partridge | TEDxReno

Arts and Civic Engagement  at Burning Man

Artech, Reno

Photo credit: Christine Rosakranse.  Additional photos here

Music by Duckman on Soundcloud

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