The Solacii – A Sacred Space at Radical Ritual

The Solacii – A Sacred Space at Radical Ritual

 by Tigre Bailando & Anastazia Louise Aranaga


Join Super Suz while she talks with three artists who are related through their deeply creative practice as they talk about their art project called The Solacii.  It combines elements of immersive architecture, textiles and sound design.  The Solacii is a 21’ tall sculpture of an ancient mythical being with many hands and faces which opens its body as a womb-like sanctuary for participants  to use for meditation, intimate gatherings, and personal ritual.


Photography by Sari Blum

Artist Guests, Tigre Bailando and  Anastazia Louise Aranaga.  Also a guest, Gala Martíka Aranaga who created the sound design for The Solacii with F’kir Eldercake (mentioned).

Background music on this podcast sponsored by Alkaline Podcast Episode 41 with Trey Courtney of San Francisco.

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Sari Blum Photography

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