The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Tyler J Rivenbark & The Institute for Human Creativity — San Francisco, CA

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Meet Tyler Rivenbark, Project Lead, for Tree of Life coming to Black Rock City, 2018.  This major art build will be 110 feet tall and will have a central atrium as the trunk that will invite participants to experience the wonders of the tree and reveal its story as we explore its interior and exterior.  Tyler talks both technically and esoterically about his project. The building stages are getting underway soon. and is one of this year’s BRC Honoraria Grant projects. This will not cover all of the costs so they are  looking for people to join their community and support this project. Learn how you can get involved and how you can contribute. The donations are tax deductible. As of March, Tyler is currently seeking to fill leads for departments such as graphic designer, marketing and brand strategist, videographer, construction and event planner.

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Links associated with this podcast

Human Creativity and their Tree of LIfe Project – Donate here.

Institute for Human Creativity

Thing From The Future (Unesco Futures Game we facilitated with Tom Laporte at the GLC)

Video on Cross Laminated Timber

Largest Wood Building — 70 stories over 1,100 feet being built in Tokyo

Social Media:  facebook page

Email Tyler at

Architectural rendering by Daniel Dobson, Architect

Introduction music from Alkaline Podcast #AO42 featuring Crescendoll of Wülfpack and DeepAura Music

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