The Lamplighters of Black Rock City

The Lamplighters

At Black Rock City

The Lamplighters light our way at night at Black Rock City.  We see them in the streets and now it’s time to get to know them more.  Did you know that they have a camp at 5:30 & Rod’s Road with a happy hour daily?  Stop by at 3pm to learn more about becoming a Lamplighter at Black Rock City. Listen to this podcast to learn more about how it’s all done with guest Loren Albrecht, Volunteer Coordinator for the Lamplighters.

Link associated with this podcast:  Lamplighters

Introduction music by Tony K The Man in Pink from Pele’s Fire camp.  Its from Episode 043 of Alkaline Podcast at Burner Podcast.

Photo by JP Puerta on Flickr


Photo by JP Puerta on Flickr


Loren Photo (2)

Photo by Loren Albrecht


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