Gwen and Josh, Partners in Art


Gwen and Josh met at The Generator in Reno, NV and soon after identified as partners in art. They are two of three artists that were granted Honorariums in the state of Nevada for 2019.  They sat down to talk to about their art inspiration, philosophy and even about art and money. Both artists are bringing their art out to Black Rock City this year. After listening to this podcast, when you see their art at BRC, now you’ll know about the artists and their inspiration.   

Links associated to this podcast:

The Hairy Potter’s website

Gwen and Josh Artist Partners Facebook page

Campaign Funding for Josh Vaile’s art installation at BRC, 2019

Quality of Life Facebook page

Photography and art renderings by Josh Vaile

Intro music by Britton of Reverbia on Alkaline Podcast, Episode 060.  Find the complete set on the Burner Podcast Soundcloud Channel.  

Gwen and Josh BRC 2019 4




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