The Fergusons Are Penniless in 2019

The Fergusons met on the playa and married  in 2012. Ever since, they have been developing their love of making playa art together and with their beloved friends.  The Fergusons are well known for their over-sized, penny-covered art sculptures and their earlier-years Heart of the City series of metal sculptures.  This year, the Fergusons are going penniless and Mrs Ferguson will tell you what they are currently producing for BRC, 2019.  It’s every bit as tactile as the pennies and the Fergusons still want you to go ahead and touch their art.  Where else can you go touch their art? Find out from this podcast.


Links associated with this podcast

The Ferguson’s Website

Mr and Mrs. Ferguson’s Art on Facebook

More about Be or Not To Be

The story of Penny The Goose Video by Mrs. Ferguson

Burning Man Project video about their Las Fallas artist exchange, filmed by Mrs Ferguson

Photography by David Hill Photography

Artist Rendering by Mrs Ferguson The Fergusonsto be or not to be screen capture (1)

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